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Welcome to Casa Baluarte. A blog with simple and tasty home-cooking Filipino recipes from your Ilongga Foodie/Cook of Orange County, California. For questions about this blog email

Seafood Paella Recipe

The Filipino Style Seafood Paella recipe is a popular rice dish in the Philippines specially during special occasion. It may look like a complicated dish to cook but maybe only at first. Just organize all the ingredients needed and you will be just fine.

Chicken Lomi Recipe

Pancit Lomi is a simple type of noodle dish that make use of thick egg noodles. It is easy to make and originally from Batangas. This recipe is even more simple using chicken, fish cake and shrimp but still surprisingly good and healthier.

Stir Fry Chicken and Okra Recipe

You like Okra? Then this recipe is for you. This Chicken and Okra recipe is not only easy to make but also very healthy. Check out easy recipe below.

Fresh Tuna Sisig Recipe

Tuna Sisig is the fish version of pork sisig served in a sizzling plate. It is made from fresh chopped tuna, garlic, onion, bell pepper, homemade soy sauce ketchup sauce and mayonnaise. You can use tuna in can if fresh tuna is not available but make sure to drain it well before cooking.


Bakareta or Beef Bakareta is one of the most popular and favorite dish specially during Fiestas or any special occasion in the Philippines. Some make this dish out of goat meat (Kalderera) but I myself rather stick to beef.

Bakareta Ingredients:

Pancit Bam-i Recipe

Bam-I is a type of Pancit originated from Cebu. It is a noodle dish that is made with a combination of Canton and Sotanghon Noodles. Others uses Bihon but I like the Canton and Sotanghon flavor combined and sautéed in variety of vegetables and meat.

Pinamalhan na Salmonete

Pinamalhan nga Isda is an Ilonggo word for fish cooked or simmer till dry and topped with cooking oil. It is similar to Paksiw were it is cooked in vinegar, garlic and some seasoning.

In Ilonggo we call this fish Salmonete and also called the same in Spanish. It is known as Striped Red Mullet or Red Mullet in English.

Spicy Shrimp Recipe

You love shrimp? You like it spicy? Then this recipe is a must try. Shrimp cooked in sprite, chili sauce, chili peppers, chili flakes and more. Check out the easy recipe below.

Check out related Shrimp recipe below.

Ginataang Bilo Bilo Recipe

Also known as Ginataang Halo Halo is a Filipino dessert or merienda made with assorted roots, fruits, sticky rice balls, sago, coconut milk and more. Usually served as an afternoon snack in the Philippines and best eaten  when freshly cooked.

There are many ways you can make this but here is a simple version for everyone to enjoy. See related glutinous rice flour recipes below.

Chicken Sopas Recipe

Chicken Sopas is one of the soup that Filipinos like to eat anytime of the day. It is a rich chicken noodle soup made with flaked chicken, elbow macaroni and more. Check out this easy recipe using simple ingredients and healthier version.

Maruya Recipe

Maruya is a Filipino type fritter that is usually made from saba or cooking banana. These Maruya are easy to make and great for snack and even for breakfast. The sliced saba is coated with batter and deep fried until golden brown.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan sa Gata Recipe

Crispy Pork Binagoongan sa Gata is one of Filipinos favorite pork recipe. This recipe is easy to make using pork shoulder, shrimp paste, coconut milk and chili peppers. The difference of this recipe to others is the pork is boiled and fried until crispy before adding to the coconut mixture.

Beef Mechado Recipe

Beef Mechado is made by stewing meat in tomato sauce with potatoes, carrots and bell pepper. It is similar to Kaldereta or Afritada because of the base ingredients used. Beef Mechado is a delicious beef stew best eaten with steam rice.

Lechon Paksiw Recipe

Lechon Paksiw is a Filipino pork dish cooked using leftover Lechon. It can be either Lechon or Lechon Kawali or Crispy Pata. Amazing how leftover meat can turn into this delicious dish. Check out the recipe and give it a try.

Chicken Empanada Recipe

Empanada is a Spanish word meaning meat pie. It is a pastry filled with meat and vegetables and baked. Some do deep fry but I always liked it baked.

Instead of chicken you can use ground beef or pork or even fruits. You can also add other vegetables like bell peppers and green peas. See recipe below.

Halabos na Alimasag Recipe

My family has been craving for good home-cooked crabs and lucky I found live blue crabs from our local Asian Grocery Store here in OC, CA. It's kind of pricy but worth every penny. They are meaty and lots of "Aligue". See easy Steamed Blue Crabs or Halabos na Alimasag recipe below.

Banana Turon with Caramel Sauce Recipe

Banana Turon or Lumpiyang Saging is a favorite Filipino snack made with ripe cooking banana and langka wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried to a crisp. Banana Turon is a popular street food usually sold along streets in the Philippines and is one of my favorite. I usually make a bunch and freeze the rest for later use. Great for parties or anytime of the day.

Simple Pancit Canton Recipe

Casa Baluarte have few Pancit Canton post (see related post below) but this one is the most simplest of all yet it taste as good. Stir fried with chicken meat, shrimps and vegetables. I think Pancit Canton is the closest to Chinese Chow Mein noodles.

Hong Kong Style Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

Hong Kong Style Soy Sauce Chicken is made of chicken, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic and star anise. It is a delicious recipe, easy to make and something different from our usual Filipino adobo recipe. Give it a try and let me know.

Chicken Salad Sandwich Spread Recipe

Chicken Salad is a Filipino style sandwich spread that is quick  and easy to make. It is made with shredded chicken, mayonnaise, condensed milk and few more basic ingredients. Best when eaten cold over a slice of  sweet rolls or toasted loaf of bread.

Ginisang Pusit Recipe

Ginisang Pusit or Sautéed Squid is a simple yet satisfying recipe for squid lover like me. Squid is cut into rings, sautéed and simmered in a little vinegar. With this recipe I added a tablespoon of hoisin sauce that has been sitting in my fridge and surprising it turned out really good. Check out the easy recipe below.

Tortang Giniling Recipe

Tortang Giniling or Ground Meat Omelet is one of those easy to make Filipino dish. What is good about this dish is you can use either ground beef or pork or chicken or fish or mix. With this recipe I used ground chicken as some family member does not eat beef or pork for health reason. Kids even made pretend hamburger sandwiches with ketchup and mayonnaise and enjoyed it too.

Egg Pie Recipe

Filipino Egg Pie aka Egg Custard Pie is a classic Filipino snack in the Philippines. Slow baked Egg Pie that is a perfect snack or dessert anytime of the day. Also, I made the pie crust using graham cracker. Something different and easier to make than a regular pie crust. My family loved it and requested that I should make 2 plate next time.
Give it a try and let me know.

Salmon Head Sinigang Recipe

Salmon Head Sinigang is one of my favorite fish soup. Easy tasty recipe, simple ingredients and very healthy. Made with fresh salmon head, kangkong leaves and knorr sampalok sinigang.

Ginisang Monggo Recipe

Ginisang Monggo is a popular Filipino dish in the Philippines or for Filipinos all over the world. This ginisang monggo or mung beans has pork belly and alogbati leaves.

Paksiw na Dulong Recipe

Dulong also known as Silver fish is a very tiny fish yet very tasty. You can find this fresh from Philippine wet markets or packed frozen in local Asian grocery store all over the US.

Filipinos loves fish cooked in vinegar or what we known as Paksiw. What is special about this recipe is the fish is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed leaves which gives it extra flavor.

Crispy Binagoongang Talong Recipe

Binagoongan na Talong is an easy recipe and an all time Filipino favorite dish. This dish is made with simple ingredients that most Filipinos already have it the fridge and in the pantry. Other uses pork to add to the recipe but this recipe is simple and was served as a side dish.

There are many ways you can make this but here is a simple version and very tasty.

Boodle Fight

Boodle Fight is a Filipino tradition originated from the Philippine Military Academy where food are served on long table covered with banana leaves. This is gaining popularity not just in the Philippines but also all over the world in Filipino Community.

No utensils are used when eating and you will use your bare hands for more enjoyable experience. As for the dishes there is no set rules in what to serve but the popular ones are dry items like seafood, meat, steamed vegetables and fruits. Breakfast is also popular when it comes to Boodle Fight eating.

Here are some easy Boodle Fight Recipes: (click link below picture to see recipe)

Ginisang Upo with Shrimp Recipe

Ginisang Upo with Shrimp is an easy to make recipe made with upo, shrimp and some basic ingredients. Not only simple but a very tasting dish.

Tortang Hipon Recipe

Tortang Hipon or Shrimp Torta is an easy recipe to make and only few ingredients needed. With this recipe I used the tiniest shrimp I can find in the market. I cooked it with shell and all and it turned out really good an appetizing.

Mango Sago Salad Recipe

Mango Sago is a popular dessert made with ripe mangoes, sago and milk. Try to make this easy to make using simple ingredients while mangoes are in season.

Ginataang Kalabasa with Shrimp and Malunggay Recipe

Ginataang Kalabasa is one of my favorite dish. Kalabasa cooked thick in coconut milk, shrimp and malunggay leaves. Also known as Nilatik in Ilonggo. See below related post on how to cook Ginataang Kalabasa.

Inihaw na Tuna Panga

Inihaw na Tuna is a popular dish in the Philippines. The best part to grill is the jaw or panga in Filipino. This recipe is not only easy to make but also very delicious. There are many ways you can make this but here is a simple version.

Squid Adobo Recipe

Squid Adobo or Adobong Pusit is a popular Filipino dish cooked adobo style and also my favorite. Check out simple step by step recipe below.

Fried Pork Liempo Recipe

Here is a Fried Pork Liempo recipe that is easy to make and very delicious. You won't need much ingredients and I bet ingredients needed are already in your pantry.

Filipino Picadillo

Filipino Picadillo also known as Ginisang Giniling is one of those easy to make recipe. Simple yet full of flavor. There are many ways of cooking this but here is a simple version.

Chicken Adobo with Ginger and Honey Recipe

Chicken Adobo with Ginger and Honey is a delicious dish. This recipe is same as cooking a regular Filipino adobo but with honey and minced ginger for additional taste. A must try easy recipe for everyone to love.

Linguine with Clams Recipe

Linguine with Clams is one of my favorite and easy to make pasta. There are many ways you can make this but here is a simple version. For me, when cooking "the simpler the better".

Red Beans and Pork Recipe

Red Beans cooked in Pork is one of my favorite way of cooking beans. This recipe is made with red beans, pork belly, langka (jackfruit) and malunggay leaves. If you like beans then you have to give this recipe a try.

Pesang Bangus in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Pesang Bangus is a simple fish soup recipe cooked in ginger and fish sauce. Easy to make and flavorful. There are many ways you can make this but here is a simple version.

Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi is a popular snack or party food composed of Spam, rice and wrapped together with nori. Spam Musubi is a local favorite in Hawaii and I would say, also here in California. It is a tasty snack that is easy to make and affordable. There are many ways you can make this, but here is a simple version.

Pork Ribs in Tausi Sauce Recipe

Pork Ribs in Tausi Sauce also known as pork ribs in black beans sauce is a popular Chinese inspired dish that is simple and tasty. With my version I used bottled black beans garlic sauce, Lee Kum Kee brand purchased from my local Asian store. Easier to use and a lot less salty with added garlic flavor.

MFK by Aysee in Anaheim, CA

MFK by Aysee (Modern Filipino Kitchen), newly opened Filipino restaurant in Anaheim, CA. A restaurant in Orange County serving up Filipino Soul Food.

If you are from the area or planning to visit OC, come and try it out. Great twist on Filipino food, amazing food and awesome service. I am impressed! Nice spot and delicious choices.

They serve Rice Bowls with your choice of White or Brown Rice. Add Garlic Fried Rice and Egg and make it Silog Style.