Love & Kisses, Iloilo City

Every visit to Iloilo City is not complete with out enjoying the food from Love & Kisses. Specially the pizza. It's one of a kind.

First time trying the Hamburger and for sure it won't be the last. So good!

The Spaghetti have that so Pinoy taste, So tasty!

Located across University of San Agustin Gymnasium, Iloilo City


Rotag said...

Mouthwatering goodness. Intriguing stuff. Love looking at photos and reading descriptions of food. Spaghetti with a kick, huh.

Cecilia said...

Hi Rotag,
Hoping you are from Iloilo or at least visiting so you can try the food from Love & Kisses. Really intriguing but taste so good.

Kai Brillantes said...

That's delicious. I will try this also soon. I wonder if how much is the price of that pizza. ^_^

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