Lapaz Bakery and Madge Cafen, Iloilo City

No one can beat this coffee house inside Lapaz Public Market. Made fresh to fit your taste.
I am not a regular coffee drinker (I drink decaf) but I have to have the regular blend and believe me a day after I made a special trip back to this place just for the coffee.

Order your coffee using the empty can as your cup

I had my coffee with Brazos de Ube from Lapaz Bakery

 The Ube Brazos was so good

Drop by Lapaz Market on your next Iloilo trip and don't forget to grab some of this. Great pasalubong for the family.

This is were they make their coffee.

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The Drunken Pig said...

Will definitely add this to our Iloilo itinerary next year! Cool post!