A Wedding Lunch Buffet

While I was still in Iloilo City I was asked to be a godmother in a wedding. I have been a godmother to few but was never present in the actual occasion so I thought of the best gift for the bride and groom, a lunch buffet for the immediate family and friends.

Everyone including me was so busy with all the planning and the preparation so I hired a local cook to do all the work. That was the best idea ever. He did such a great job not only with the food but also with the table set up with an affordable price too. I forgot to mention, the cook used to work for Afrique's Restaurant so do I need to say more.

Seafood Paella was so delicious. Cooked perfectly and so full of flavors.

Fish Fillet, crunchy from the outside and moist from the inside. It was served with 2 kind of sauce, tartar and sweet and sour sauce.

Carbonara, the best. Pasta cooked al dente and the sauce so creamy and tasty.

Bakareta cooked tender and full of flavor.

I also got them a simple wedding cake from Tinapayan that says it all.

Everyone enjoyed and loved the food they all went for the seconds or third.

The Wedding Entourage after the ceremony at the Mayor's Office.

If you are interested and looking for an affordable caterer please do leave me a message.

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