Pork Sinigang

Everyone's Favorite

2 lbs pork cuts
4 pieces (gabi) taro, cut into 2 piece
2 pieces large eggplant, julienne
1 large (labanos) radish, julienne
1 lb long beans, cut into 3 inches
1 bunch kangkong leaves
1 large size onion, cut cubes
1 pack knorr sinigang mix
2 tablespoon fish sauce
salt and ground pepper to taste
Cooking Direction:
Boil pork meat in water till half way cooked then add the slices of onion. Once the meat is fully cooked add long beans, taro, radish and eggplant. Season with fish sauce, salt and ground pepper. After 5 minutes add the kangkong leaves. Bring to boil for few minutes. Remove from heat and serve.


Eddel29 said...

thanks for sharing this perfect recipe. this is my fiance's favorite food. thanks so much!

Cecilia said...

Hi Eddel, try making it and surprise your fiance. For sure she/he will love you more. Enjoy cooking.