The Summer House, Iloilo City

2011 visit..... every visit to The Summer House restaurant in Iloilo City is always a gastronomical experience. If only possible to order everything in menu.

How could I forget the name of this soup? Anyone please help!

Lumpia Shanghai

Shrimp Rebosado

Camaron Rebusado

Buttered Chicken

Pata Tim


Ysabel said...

Oh wow. I'd really love to try eating at the summer house. Are the prices here cheap? Can you still remember the price range of the food? Thank you.

Cecilia said...

Ysabel, the price is affordable but double the taste. From my opinion Summer House in Iloilo is the best Chinese restaurant in town. Prices like noodles are from P200. Depends on what you order but all worth it. Give it a try.

Crispy Lechon said...

I think the soup is Nido Soup. Its the Pinoy version of Chinese bird's nest soup.

Cecilia said...

Thanks Crispy Lechon.. now I am thingking of making some using those packaged Nido soup. I know it won't taste the same but then better than nothing.
btw... your profile picture is killing me hehehe

Anonymous said...

The soup is chicken stock bird's nest soup with button mushrooms. Their nido soup doesn't have the button mushrooms, but have green peas on it... Yummmmmm on both soups! =)