Mang Inasal, Iloilo City

What can I say... Mang Inasal, Philippine's fastest growing barbecue fast food chain serving chicken, pork barbecue and other Filipino favorites, was first established on December 12, 2003 in Iloilo City.
PM2, Grilled Chicken Breast served with Steam Rice wrapped in Banana leaves.

The group that ate it all.

PM1, Grilled Chicken Leg served with Steamed Rice wrapped in Banana leaves.

Pork Barbecue and Chicken Liver

And someone ordered Spaghetti...
Don't forget... unlimited Rice with your order.


jorp said...

namit gid magkinamot sa mang inasal hehehe

Cecilia said...

as in ka busy gid ya sa ila tanan. did not even notice gina picturan ko na cla. ang food gali hehehe