Love and Kisses Pizza, Iloilo City

I visited this restaurant at least seven times during our last Iloilo City trip specially the branch located across University of San Agustin Gym. Even the bad air-conditioning could not stop us. That's how good their pizzas are for us. Imagine how bad I feel posting this......hmn hmn hmn makes me want to have a piece or more.





Dinner at Six Thirty said...

That pizza looks good! What are the toppings?

Cecilia said...

And they taste really good too. The first pizza has pieces of bacon, eggs, mushroom and cheeses. What makes it real good is the cheese is so light plus the bread is so crunchy. So light on taste.

jorp said...

yup, it's nto cheesified at all. it's like the streetside pizza you can buy for aroudn 5 pesos but tastes and looks "gourmet".

Cecilia said...

reminds me of pizza by the slice during my high school days lol