Erning's Manukan and Seafood, Iloilo CIty

Lunch at Erning's Manukan and Seafood during our recent Iloilo visit came as a surprise. The food is still great but the restaurant needs a major major make over. Maybe on my next vacation.

Super tasty Chicken Binakol

Pulut (not from Erning's menu) from a 9 yrs old kid vendor.

Lechon, oh so good. I also ordered some take out for dinner.

Grilled Milk Fish (Bangus) stuffed with tomatoes, onions and spices.

Grilled Native Chicken, chewy but tasty compare to those 45 days chicken.

Steamed Oysters
Located at Santo Nino Sur, Arevalo, Iloilo City
Phone: 337-7809


jorp said...

the chicken binakol really looks good. very native ang dating nya and i can really smell it from here hehehe.i'll repost it on my facebook ;)

Cecilia said...

Jorp, surprisingly good. Can't remember the last time we ate at Ernings. Kapin pa ang ila lechon.. Nag order ako whole gid before kami nagpauli. Paayaw ayaw gid.