Dinagyang Siopao, Iloilo City

This came as a surprise... the last time I had Dinagyang Siopao was maybe 25 years. The location is like a hole in a wall. Nothing fancy but they do serve great tasting Siopao and very affordable. If you are craving for Siopao and in a tight budget then this is the place to go. Located inside Mary Mart Mall.

Chicken Siopao with generous amount of shredded chicken and a half of boiled egg.

The sauce is thick and tasty.

It went well with ice cold Mountain Dew..

They also serve Bachoy and sweet breads.


jorp said...

namit ila nga sio pao. pati man ang pork. their orig branch is in villa. lampas gamay sa plaza. tupad nya ang SIOPAWAN SA VILLA. namit pa gid. just ask around sa palza villa kugn diin ini sila nga duha hehehe

faith@ahead said...

iloilo looks like a delicious place to live in!!!

Cecilia said...

Jorp wala pako na ya kakadto sa Villa. with this kind of weather we have here in Iloilo I'll skip that location lol

Cecilia said...

Hi Faith...it is. lots of delish food and sweets.

yellowgemini25 said...

missed their siopao. the owner is a classmate of our in upv-iloilo and we used to frequent their restaurant before when we were in high school. hmmm....maybe i can ask my mom to bring me frozen ones when she comes to LA this june...want some, cecilia?