Orange County Fair Food Trip

August 15 is the last day for OC Fair so we all went yesterday to enjoy the games, rides and specially the food. For lunch we had foot long sausage and mountain of french fries.
Check out this foot long sausage. Served with sauteed onion and bell pepper and all the condiments that you want.
How about this mountain of fries? It was so good specially we ordered it topped with chile and cheese. Super yum!
Husband wants to order this grilled turkey legs almost a pound each but later changed his mind.
Food everywhere. Grilled, barbeque, deep fried and sweets. It's like food haven. For dessert we had funnel cake and cinnamon. We got too excited I forgot to take pictures.
Pass 6 pm. and the boys wants to have another serving of chile cheese fries. I guess it was that good.
Check out the bill boards.
This I really had to say NO!

Next year again OC Fair!

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