Steamed Tilapia

A Very Light and Low in Calorie Dish.
1 large Tilapia, a pound or so each
2 pieces thumb size ginger, julienned
5 garlic cloves, crushed
3 tbsp Maggi seasoning/soy sauce (lesser if you prefer)
3 pieces key lime
1 piece jalapeno pepper, sliced thin
ground black pepper to taste
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp thin sliced green onion (garnish)

Cooking Direction:
Using a steamer boil a lot of water.
Season the cavity with ground pepper and fill with garlic and ginger.
Mix soy sauce and key lime juice and rub half of the mixture all over the fish.
Arrange fish in an aluminum pan or any heat proof dish. Pour the remaining soy sauce and key lime juice all around the fish.
Sprinkle the remaining garlic, ginger and the sliced jalapeno. Sprinkle more black pepper.
Steam over boiling water for about 30 to 40 minutes. Brush the sesame oil over the fish. Garnish with green onion and remove from heat and serve.
Makes 3 to 4 serving. Serve with steam rice.


Lee said...

katambok gid sang imo nga tilapia, cecil!!! Delish gid ah and nice shot, as well.. you're doing good, you're becoming an expert photographer!!

Cecilia MQ said...

Thanks Lee, trying so hard hehehe after taking 100 shots guro 5 lang okey i post hahaha

Yes matambok gid gani namit i steam. Mahakog sa rice :)

Anonymous said...

Cecilia MQ,

May nagnakaw ng post mo
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Cecilia said...

Anonymous...thanks so much for letting me know. I already left a comment to whoever posted my post. Well see is they approve my comment. Just a little respect to the owner is nice. Thanks again.

Cecilia said...

OMG so far I found 2 of my post in this site. & so sad that the person/owner takes all the credit from other peoples hard work with out credit at all. so sad!

Cecilia said...

I wonder how many more stole from my blog. Really sad for the owner. I also notice few comments from other blogs where he/she stole some post too. I don't have time to check every entry did to see how many more he/she stole.