Ice Cube Shaver

Woke up today and already feeling hot. The first thing that got into my mind is HALO-HALO Special!I went to the garage and searched for my old Ice Shaver I purchased a long time ago but no luck so I told hubby to get dress right away, Mama needs a new Ice Shaver.
Luckily I already know where to get an Ice Shaver so off to 99 Ranch Grocery Store. In the store there were 2 kind to choose from. One for $7.99 (old fashion kind) and the other one for $19.99 (electric). I have no time and no plan to sweat while shaving the ice so I got the electric one.
Check it out! I could even use ice cubes or crushed ice with my new gadget. Sweet!
Now time to make me some Halo-Halo Special then maybe Mais Con Yelo tomorrow. Any other recommendation?
Come on down. I already bought all the fixing. All I need to make is Leche Plan.

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