Puto Recipe

Step by step easy and no nonsense Puto recipe from the Chef of Ilonggolivingincanada.com.

Ingredients:2 cups plain flour or rice flour
1 cup sugar
6 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
2tbsp. oil or melted butter
1 1/2 cup milk
3 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Procedure:Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, stir until it’s smooth in texture (bubble free).
Spray the muffin pan with PAM.
Fill the mixture into the well and then put it in a large steamer.
After mixing the batter well, fill up the muffin pan.
Do not overfill as the puto will rise when it's cooked.
Place pan in the steamer, cover and let it steam until cooked (about 10 -12 minutes).
Using a tong, remove pan from steamer once cooked and let it cool off for a bit before removing puto from the pan.

For more delicious recipe visit http://ilonggolivingincanada.com/. Thank's to the chef and Lee.


nat10977 said...

looks good, Miga...i made bibingka 2 days ago, con todos de panakot---will try puto soon..may steamer na ko (bamboo)

Lee said...

S U C C E S S! congratz Cecil!

Cecilia MQ said...

Nat namit bingka recipe mo? share man da please... kay tilawan ta man luto. try mo recipe ni Chef.. namit.

Lee, wala ako gani gamay nga molding for puto so I used my muffin pan pero namit gyapon. Thanks again Lee!

nat10977 said...

migs, absent ko pila ka adlaw ba---up to now, i'm updating myself with election results, esp the Vice Pres..daw indi mapatihan pierde si Mar...but it's not final yet...
Cil, huya' ko mag confess--I use the mix!!!!! BUT it's really good. I add a little more than half a cup of glutinous rice flour and frozen young coconut strips (thawed and water squeezed out) also add a pinch or so of baking powder. optional if you want to add salted eggs and cheese slices on top ( i do--BOTH) i add the cheese when it's almost done kay ma sunog, or cover the top with foil if you want....
just follow the baking temp on the box. i even use banana leaves on pie plate. it's not a delicate pastry so indi ka mag palpak..brush with butter or margarine when cooling. NO MEASURING, less bowls to wash...