Ginataang Munggo sa Daing

Mung beans cooked in coconut milk and dried fish
Simple recipe yet fulfilling. The best during rainy season.

Cooking direction:
Boil 1 lb mung beans till almost cooked.
Add 2 pieces dried fish, small sliced onion and a tablespoon of fish sauce.
Continue boiling till beans are fully cooked.
Add 1 can coconut milk and simmer.
Few minutes after add 1/2 cup malunggay leaves.
Simmer for 2 minutes and remove from heat.
Serve over steam rice.


Anonymous said...

ang sarap naman niyan.

Lee said...

Fave ko guid ini sya! I had this exactly one yesar ago sa Iloilo. Yes, yes, with uga namit na sya!

Cecilia MQ said...

Anon, yes super sarap. Magastos sa kanin hehehe

Cecilia MQ said...

Lee grabe nga han os ko sang rice hehehe namit kapin pa thick ang sabaw. Daw ginhuyop lang.

Anonymous said...

I had it for dinner tonight.soo good.thanks for sharing.