Tinolang Game Hen

2 whole game hen, cut into pieces
1 large green papaya, sliced in serving size
1 pack (frozen) pepper leaves, defrosted
2 pieces thumb size ginger, sliced thin
1 large onion, sliced thin
1 stem lemon grass, cut in 3'inches
2 tablespoon fish sauce
salt and ground pepper to taste

Cooking Direction:
Using a deep pot saute ginger and onion. Add slices of chicken till golden brown. Add slices of lemongrass and season with fish sauce. Add 5 cups of water (or more) and simmer. Add papaya, salt and ground pepper. Few minutes after add defrosted pepper leaves. Remove from heat and serve hot.


jorp said...

SOSYAL pangalan pa lang ah hehehe

Cecilia MQ said...

Jorp this is the closiest it could get sa native chicken, cling ni hubby namit kuno i tola kay guro waay sang tambok so feel ya daw native chicken lang hehehe