Seafood BBQ

Grilled Shrimp and Mussel My daughter and friends 4th of July barbecue...YUMMY!


jake m said...

cecille, when i saw the grilled shrimps and mussels i remember regatta resto somwhere near tatoy's in villa. they have seafoods buffet and it was in that resto that i first tasted grilled diwal. thanks for sharing.

Lee said...

Kami man todo-grill kay pag-abot fall and winter, pakoribong sa sulod balay... hehehehe!

Cecilia MQ said...

Jake basta grilled seafood the best gid ya. I wish mas damo diri selection and fresher.

Lee ako ya bisan tig tugnaw naga bbq gid ako sa guwa. Gakatingala guro mga neighbor ko hehehe