Olive Pit - Brea, CA

Fresh Mediterranean Grill
Now Open!
2445 East Imperial Hwy.
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 529-3200
Olive Pit has a quality taste of a fine dining restaurant but more on a casual side and a self serve type of place. Prices are very reasonable and worth every bite. A family oriented and plenty of different selections to pick from the menu. Foods are definetly fresh and homemade. Healthy food with very generous portions. We got so excited when our order arrived that I almost forgot to take pictures.
My co-worker who is a vegetarian ordered falafel, roasted vegetables, grilled artichoke heart and a side of pita bread..My order, grilled salmon stuffed with pesto sauce, kous kous, hummus and a side of pita bread.

Overall the food was great. The only downfall for me was the hummus was made of yellow peas (w/c is not my favorite) and not the standard chick peas.


nat10977 said...

i love love love falafel!! i could eat this all the time---andam lang kay sige ka utot...heheheh

Cecilia MQ said...

Nat ako man, namit gid.
Tingala manko waay gaiping sa akon si hubby kay hahaha