While we were at 99 Ranch Asian Grocery today we saw fresh patola so right away I thought of cooking my favorite LASWA. Ingredients:
1/2 lb. shrimp, patola, birch flower, green papaya, squash, okra, long beans, malunggay leaves, onion, tomatoes, salt and groundpepper to taste.

Cooking Direction:
Boil water in a deep pot. Once it starts boiling add onion, tomatoes and shrimp. Few minutes after season with salt and pepper and lower the heat to medium low. Start adding the vegetables starting with okra, squash, papaya, long beans, birch flower, patola and malunggay leaves. Bring it to boil then remove from heat so the vegetables won't over cooked. Serve hot over steam rice.


Anonymous said...

dinengdeng my comfort food.

jorp said...

NAMIT gid.come to think of it, any mix of veggies to us is called laswa hehehe

Lee said...

Ti, how do you like the birch flowers?

Cecilia MQ said...

Anony, same here. Just wish we have fresher veggies here in S. Cali to really enjoy this dish.

Jorp, thats a good thing. One of the easiest Pinoy dish to cook.

Lee, really different. Daw masapra? O yeah I remember u mentioned about birch flower thats why I added it to this dish. So I could have a taste of this birch flower. Hubby didnt like it. He prefer the simple Ilonggo style.