Just for Fun!

Signs found only in the Philippines... You all have a good weekend!

Sharing funny/humor signs collected over the net.


Daphne said...
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Daphne said...

That is so funny!
brew ha

hey since your in california
check my friends and family out

Lee said...

This is truly funny, especially some of the words were "Ilonggonized". Kon indi mabasa, matig-a! Hahaha!

nat10977 said...

hahahha!! it really made my morning!!

Cecilia MQ said...

Hello friends! when I got this email I thought right away that I have to post it here to share. It's so funny but so true. Too many of those back home.

We all need a good laugh all the time.

Cecilia MQ said...

you guys have to check more of the signs but beware some needs parental guidance hahahaha www.casanipa.blogspot.com

jake m said...

Very funny! Hahaha! i never knew you also like jokes aside from food.

Cecilia MQ said...

Hey Jake, good laugh huh hehehe Yup life is too boring without laughter.