and for Lunch

Chicken Empanada Kalahi Bakery, a small shop but almost everything that they sell are delicious.

804 Nogales Ave
Walnut, CA 91789-4170
(626) 839-9286


JORP said...

these empanadas remind me of bird house's chicken pie.yummy!

nat10977 said...

paborito ko man ang tanan nga empanada..good for balon to work. one or two with diet coke, and i'm good!!

Cecilia MQ said...

Nat & Lee this bakery makes real good empanadas. Thats the only thing I order from them unless they have fresh fried banana turon hehehe

Nat I usually buy a dozen and freeze it. Save it for baon to work. Cheaper na filling pa.

nat10977 said...

yes, Cil--i'd even settle for the spanish take-out empanadas, but namit ya ang aton..