Cream Horn

Pavia's Cream Horn

First time I had this Cream Horn. My sister in law insisted I take this with me. She bought this from a restaurant along Pavia Hwy. Home of the original Cream Horn.
It is different. Baked crunchy, flaky, rolled in sugar pastry. Filled with egg custard (yema). I must say this is so addictive and so good.


JORP said...

you are right.this is very adicting. its from Zageca resto.from time to time they participate in food fairs in the malls.before nagbakal gid ako just to blg about it hehehe

Cecilia MQ said...

Jorp kanamit kay indi lang puro tam is tungod sa shell ya. ang yema sa sulod namit man pag kaubra nila. hindi makasulum od. first time ko ni makatilaw.