Coffee Break

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

After the big lunch from Krua Thai we end up in Coffee Break for some dessert and coffee.
I had green tea hoping it will flush down my lunch hehehe


Lee said...

Jorp and I reversed the sequence. WE had Coffee break anay tapos, later on nag-Krua. Kamo ya Cecil nag-Krua anay tapos nag-Coffee break. Funny! hehehe..

nat10977 said...

kami ya ni Jorp, derecho sa Krua---apas si Amy...then, derecho sa Desserts

Cecilia MQ said...

Nat di bala dapat real food anay before dessert? Pinasahi gid ni ya si Lee hehehe
Nag try kamo sang dry squid nila? namit! nulsol ko waay ko nag take out.

jorp said...

actually LEE and I were killing time a COFFEEBREAK that since it was the only one that was open. he wanted to see the famous SMALLVILLE.

favorite drink ko now sa coffeebreal ang GREEN TEA FRAP and I always order it WITHOUT the CREAM on top hehehe

namit namit gid man ang dried squid nila actually daw cuttlefish ina. i mentioned it to LEE that time and we asked the waiter but he didn't knew about it. i had it in mid when i first tasted it sa peppy thai. it is always a part of my peppy that order.
actually you can buy is in most groceries or asian stores there. try to look for it.diri gani sa iloilo supermart may ara hehehe

Cecilia MQ said...

Jorp I have to check that out sa local asian store diri and I will let u know if the same. Patay gali ang smallville pag ugto no..daw pila kabilog tawo sa palibot. photo op gid.