Carlitos & Biscocho Haus

Iloilo City visit, May 2009

We were dropping off my daughter and her family to the airport when Cebu Pacific flight was delayed for 3 hours. Yes, for 3 hours. We don't really want to drive home so we decided to look for a place to eat and hang for a couple of hours. Driving along Pavia, Airport Road we saw Carlito's in the same building with Biscocho Haus so we gave it a try.

Pasalubong CenterCarlito's & Biscocho Haus Friendly Staff
Beef Curry DishChicken DishBeef TapaTeriyaki Chicken


Lee said...

Nami ngirit sang mga tawo bah!!!

Cecilia MQ said...

Lee hahaha mga willing participant gid ya ya. Cla pa nag recomend sang kaugalingon nila. Tyansa na kuno nila makita sang world ang ila beauty.

nat10977 said...

amo na' ya!! naga smile...diutay lang guro kamo at that time, Cil..wala sila na overwhelm..

i like their venue--ka ligwa, kag ma limpio...but i didn't like their club sandwich.....ano man to man?? namit pa to ya ang favorite ni Jorp sa JD

jorp said...

CARLITOS is just green mango and other ques restos. more on presentation IMO to get away with the price.
pero nami ila place.
they will soon open another branch sa may tipad biscocho haus sa jaro.