Bluejay Coffee in Smallville

Iloilo City visit, May 2009
11:30 a.m.
It was a hot day so I ordered Mango Shake. I was a bit dissapointed. I think is not good at all. I was hoping it will taste like the real mango knowing I am in Iloilo but it turned out so bland.


Lee said...

Kon tani may ice crusher ka, crush some few ice cubes and add mangoes and a bit of sugar, namit pa guro kag barato. We did not go to bluejays last time. Guna-lampas lampasan lang namo ina.

jorp said...

as i always say,
so you ordered mango passion charlotte cake?
whats your verdict?

Cecilia MQ said...

Lee if I only know. Daw padag an lang nila sa sugar hehehe

Jorp daw namit man pero not memorable. I was more excited taking pictures heheeh

nat10977 said...

naka try ko mango shake (green and ripe) sa Krua Thai and Del Rio, and they were good at both. the green shakes' taste were quite remarkable---ikaw ya, Jorp, diin ang namit??

sa coffee break, daw na gustuhan ko to ila durian shake--could use more durian for richness, but ok na rin. more might turn off other patrons

jorp said...

ako that time namitan ko sang ila nga dessert but that was sa GEN LUNA branch and looks different.hahha blog addict ka na gid man pictures rathers than eat heheh

the one ihad sa krua thai was mango strawberry shake okay man sya.i dont usually order mango shakes hehehe though okay man sa krua.
favorite order ko sa coffeebrek before ang PINEAPPLE PLEASURE. namit sya pineapple and milk smoothie pero subong its GREEN TEA FRAP na without the cream. though i know flavoruing man lang ina hahaha.mas worth gyapon nag reen tea ice cream sa mai hehehe di ba LEE?