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Pavia's Pinipig Baye-Baye

I almost forgot to get some of this but luckily an old lady was selling homemade baye-baye with pinipig while we were having lunch at Cabugao Seafood's Haus before flying to Manila. No regrets at all. The best I had in years.


Lee said...

Neat! Have you tried corn baye-baye a well?

Cecilia MQ said...

Lee I tried some before but not the last visit. This pinipig baye-baye is so good. Wish I could have more.

jorp said...

I like the ordinary baye baye better than corn baye baye.hopefully one time makadto ako sa tinda sa amon and look for thi baye baye nga manamit gid plus muh bigger

Cecilia MQ said...

medyo tipid lang tuod ang size. bitin bala ang 6 pcs sa isa ka kaunay hehehe